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client: ANNA ROKO

To freshen up the social media of the salon, attract a new target audience, increase number of customers.

target Advertising

photo and video production





community management

how have we achieved it?

production solutions

Pantone from AnnaRoko - a monthly introduction of the colour of the season

Every month - our shoots are carried out in different colour schemes, so that the Instagram page looks vivid, bright and acts as a trendsetter. We change everything to match the colour of the month: highlights’ icons, layouts for the available booking slots etc.

According to the owner’s feedback - 30% of the regular customers started to select the colour of the month for their manicure and pedicure!

Steps towards achieving the full booking of the salon

Photo and video production
Comprehensive work on Instagram and Facebook pages
Launch of targeted advertising
Appropriate Copywriting
Work with community management

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