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Our main goal was to increase the popularity of the cafe among the local population, increase audience activity, and first and foremost, increase the attendance of the cafe.

photo production


logotype design




how did we achieve this?


The start of our cooperation was on the 15.04.2019

At that point, the cafe had been open for a year and a half and had a certain popularity amongst tourists.

what did we do?

We started to develop and change the visual concepts of the cafe depending on the seasons and trends.

We increased audience engagement through gamification of Stories. For example, the weekly rubric hosted on Thursdays called the “Coffee quiz” reached record views (40% more than on usual days) and responses (30% engagement from views)

We’ve launched targeted advertising for promotions/ special offers, visiting tourists and just around Prague for recognition.

situational marketing

The hit of COVID : situational marketing. It did not make sense to keep on promoting the cafe because it had to temporarily close. Our key aim was to keep the audience and its engagement. With the owners of the cafe, we’ve shot recipes of delicious breakfasts and published them in the account, receiving positive feedback.

Additionally, we came up with the entertainment rubric involving a human-waffle.


We continue working on online marketing of Coffee&Waffles. The cafe is ranked first on Google Search for “breakfast in Prague”. We process a large volume of comments and reviews from customers from all over the world. Currently, community management for this project is one of the most important present-day tasks.

We constantly analyse and improve our work to increase statistical figures and keep the cafe at a full capacity.

in waffles we trust.

review of our work

As a result of our partnership, the cafe’s attendance has significantly increased. Our Instagram started to stand out. Always on the contact line to help with any question. We became like one big family, who support each other. We are growing and developing together and always striving for new things. Your creativity is a revelation for our cafe. Your ideas never cease to amaze us. You always find unique solutions. Thank you, for being with us for so many years.

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