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To increase the number of followers and work on the visuals of their page.

influence marketing

photo and video production





target advertising

community management

how have we achieved it?

a background story


We’ve started to work on this project when it was already quite recognized among its circles and had an audience. That’s why our tasks included elevating the reach and engagement of followers, increasing sales, working on reputation and expanding brand’s popularity.



For the work on the project we have developed a content strategy to promote it on social media: created a production based on it. We strengthened the visual component with the expert copywriting, professional videos, Reels and graphic posts. To increase brand popularity, we’ve set up targeted advertising for special offers, sales deals as well as for the general recognition of the salon.

Shortly and to the point about what we’ve done


Prepared and implemented a strategy for salon’s integration into social media.
Achieved monthly KPI for the number of new clients.
Worked with community management.
Executed a comprehensive management of social media: Instagram, Facebook.
Set up targeted advertisement, creating all of the necessary creatives for it in advance.
Improved and produced the logo of the brand as well as branded price tags, business cards, gift certificates and highlights for Instagram.

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