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client: THE MIST

To keep a good - image of the bar on social platforms, increase the volume of customers during day time and work with the loyalty of the regular customers.





photo and video production

influence marketing

community management

how did we achieve this?


At the point when we just started our partnership, the bar was in charge of its social media which essentially, did not stand out from any other bar-hookah lounges.

That’s why our first aim was to create a production that presents this venue as a bar with signature cocktails, quality hookahs and pleasant atmosphere. Our production team has achieved it through employing creative solutions and special shoots.

increasing the number of customers

To increase the bar’s number of visitors we are introducing various offers, working with influencers (bloggers with the following up to 200 thousand are visiting the bar on a monthly basis) and implementing giveaways.

loyalty of the regular customers

On a daily basis, the bar receives many tags on social media from the customers - we respond to each one of them in a friendly manner. Also, the bar hosts various events, parties and celebrates its birthdays - everything runs in an amiable atmosphere with loyal clients.

franchise opening

To get ready for the opening and launch a newly opened bar from The Mist franchise with a goal to further increase the number of customers.

We’ve produced a series of nine “closed” posts, each of which opens on a specific day and includes a quiz/contest.

The opening of the secret series of nine posts took place 2 weeks prior to the official opening. People started to follow the account, answer questions, solve quizzes and even tried to guess the address of the venue where a bottle of champagne was waiting for them.
During those two weeks, we managed to get a full capacity of the bar for the grand opening.

On daily basis, we work on bettering the project’s performance with the help of:
photo and video production, work with bloggers, community management and various events.

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