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To launch a project on the market, which is having its official opening only in a month

photo production


logotype design




how have we achieved it?



We aimed to produce new, intriguing content in which firstly, we intended to create anticipation with the upcoming opening of the studio and secondly, we were revealing the process of the studio construction using posts and stories, thus arousing trust and loyalty among the new audience.

We have also implemented special price deals for the ones who would purchase permanent membership cards before the official studio opening and have launched targeted advertising on Instagram with special price offers.



Execution of production following our strategy.
Attracting influencers for collaboration



When the world was hit by the wave of pandemic causing lockdowns and self-isolation, It made no sense in continuing promoting the studio account with the old strategy.
So, for this case we used situational marketing:
We have released a situational flashmob: #VyMyDoma to keep the interest of the audience for the studio

We have launched an online-marathon for flexibility and online training - actively sharing all of the information on the studio’s Instagram page.

For maintaining customer’s loyalty during quarantine, we have created a separate channel “close friends”, where on a regular basis, all of the useful information about sports, mental and physical health along with nutrition was released.


1754 followers on instagram

~ 50 new followers monthly

10.2 thousand reached accounts

out of them 502 engaged accounts

all of this was achieved in a matter of two years, through the pandemic, only with two paid advertising campaigns, one point of contact with the client and very, very great love and desire for the project to show results.

> 800 people in the database

(those who have attended the studio at least once)

feedback on our work

Girls, today after a workout, our clients have once again praised and admired our Instagram, for its quality, style and beautiful layout. We couldn’t help but share and thank you for this!! The best! Simply the best !
We haven’t doubted you once, and it's been 2,5 years (for your attention!!!) of work. Love at first sight, thank you!!

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